July 21-25, 2014: NIAID H3Africa Workshop

On July 21-25, 2014, the GCID supported the NIAID H3Africa initiative by co-sponsoring Andrey Tovchigrechko for his participation in a workshop held in Ibadan, Nigeria. The workshop was organized by the local H3Africa Bioinformatics Network node. In three days of teaching, Dr. Tovchigrechko taught the students launching and controlling computing instances on Amazon cloud, basics of Python and R programming, MG-RAST Web interface, MG-RAST R package matR and my JCVI R code MGSAT. The students took a great interest in both Python and R programming, skipping coffee breaks to keep moving forward with assignments. The main technical challenge was to provide a uniform computing environment with a complex set of packages for everyone while tolerating slow and unstable Internet access. For this purpose, Dr. Tovchigrechko used through-the-Web client-server programming User Interface for both Python (Python notebooks server) and R (RStudio server). Dr. Tovchigrechko also gave a talk, along with a dozen other speakers, at a one-day symposium at the University of Ibadan that preceded the workshop and included about 200 participants.